September Mix

Our monthly mix returns after we skipped August due to the rather large Summer Mix(es). These monthly mixes serve to give some exposure to artists we have been enjoying but maybe haven’t had the time to write about properly. So apologies to these musicians but hopefully featuring on here goes some way to making it up to you. There is a real mix of genres here that we have tried to fit together in some sort of coherent order.


1. Teen Springs - Wild Ways

2. Trying To Be Found - Snow Mantled Love

3. Suburb - Memotone

4. Creepwave - Kish Robinson

5. Forever - Ranvir Bassi

6. Cold Nites (Koreless remix) - How To Dress Well

7. Man and Man’s Ruin - Cult of Youth

8. Friday Night - Spider Bags

9. Deserter’s Song - Blackout Beach

10. Like Sailors - Magic Man

11. Teardrops - Joel Hood

12. Kisses - ZULUS

13. Gallop - Tall Ships

14. Epitaph (Live) - Hey Rosetta!

15. Sixpack - JEFF The Brotherhood

16. The Descent - Bob Mould

17. Brother - Lord Huron

18. And You All Remain With Me - Greater Pacific

19. Bloodkin Push (Forget The Ones) - Will Johnson

20. Still Sleeping - Poor Remy


Hopefully this introduces you to some new artists. PLEASE remember to support them by buying some records or going to a show. The artist names in the tracklisting will take you to somewhere more specific to explore.